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on demand


on demand


bundles of garden waste, green waste bins, plastic bags

Other types of collection

large-capacity containers

Recycling Centre

What can be disposed of as garden waste?


bush and hedge cuttings, rose cuttings, tree trimmings, undergrowth, weeds, foliage, garden plants and flowers, pot plants with soil, etc.

Not accepted

grass clippings

Garden waste must be placed in open bags or containers and put out onto the pavement or at the edge of your property where they are clearly visible, but do not hinder or pose a danger to passers-by.

  • These containers must not weigh more than 25 kg.
  • Branches, bush and hedge clippings must be tied up in manageable bundles no more than 1.50 m long and weighing no more than 25 kg. The branches put out for collection may be no thicker than 10 cm.
  • Garden waste not collected – for whatever reason – must be removed from the pavement at the end of the day.

Collection type

Main collection method

Other collection methods

The maximum volume of waste accepted by the Recycling Centre is 1 m.

Talking trash: what goes where

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Check out our guide: Recycling A to Z.

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