What can be disposed of as hazardous or toxic waste?


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Businesses can dispose of any hazardous and/or toxic household waste at the SuperDrecksKëscht collection point at the Recycling Centre. The maximum permitted quantity is 30 litres. Non-household waste (commercial waste) is not accepted.

  • used batteries, rechargeable batteries, car batteries
  • expired medication
  • used engine oil and oil filters
  • fats and vegetable oils
  • leftover paints and varnishes (solids and/or liquids)
  • paint strippers
  • thinners
  • petrol, methylated spirits, oil, lighter fluids
  • detergents
  • glue                              
  • gas bottles
  • fire extinguishers
  • lighters (full or empty)                     
  • fireworks
  • films and X-rays
  • CDs, audio and video cassettes
  • floppy disks, ink rollers, used toner cartridges
  • fertiliser, plant protection products, herbicides and fungicides
  • insecticides
  • disinfectants
  • mercury and products containing mercury, such as thermometers
  • light bulbs
  • sealants and fillers
  • acids, alkaline solutions
  • chemicals used in photography
  • chemicals of any kind
  • cleaning products
  • aerosol cans
  • capacitors
  • poisons of any kind, such as rat poison and insecticides
  • office supplies such as coloured pencils, felt tips, ink pens, leftover paints, correction fluids
  • oil-filled radiators
Not accepted
  • radioactive products and devices containing radioactive components
  • ammunition
  • explosives
  • industrial products (containers larger than 5 litres)
  • total quantity in excess of 30 litres.

Toxic waste must not, under any circumstances, be thrown in the bin or down the drain.

Empty containers and all other packaging of hazardous or toxic waste must be disposed of by SuperDrecksKëscht. They may not be thrown away with your regular waste.

Leave hazardous and/or toxic waste in its original packaging.

Containers and packaging must be hermetically sealed.

Never mix different substances, as this could cause dangerous chemical reactions.

Damaged packaging must be placed in other leak-proof containers.

Waste containing toxic substances must be placed in strong, leak-proof plastic containers or bags.

If you need to dispose of needles or syringes, use the sharps bins provided in pharmacies and the Recycling Centre.

NEVER deposit waste NEAR SUPERDRECKSKËSCHT CONTAINERS, BESIDE glass or paper bins or AT THE ENTRANCE to the Recycling Centre. Waste dumped in this way is a hazard both for the environment and for passers-by, especially children.

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