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blue bins and containers

Other types of collection

  • in bulk on demand
  • large-capacity container
  • Recycling Centre

What goes in the container?

Waste paper is an important raw material. To ensure effective recovery and recycling, the paper and cardboard collected must be clean.


newspapers, magazines, catalogues, books, notebooks, pieces of cardboard, prospectuses, calendars, etc.

Not accepted

wallpaper, milk or fruit juice cartons, soiled paper, waxed or laminated paper, carbon paper, document files, paper plates, diapers, toilet paper, parchment, tracing paper, etc.

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Collection type

Main collection method

Other collection methods

The maximum volume of waste accepted by the Recycling Centre is 1 m3.

Talking trash: what goes where

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Check out our guide: Recycling A to Z.

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