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Service Voirie

The Service Voirie (Roads Department) is tasked with:

  • the maintenance and repair of all existing local roads (250 km) and municipal public squares;
  • the maintenance of pavements on national roads within the city (105 km);
  • the maintenance of many pedestrian thoroughfares of all kinds: walkways, stairs and cycle paths;
  • the maintenance of street furniture (benches, railings, tourist signs, street signs, planters, etc.) at its ironmongery, carpentry and painting workshops;
  • the management, installation and maintenance of tourist signs, street signs and house numbers;
  • the management of permits to carry out any kind of work on public roads;
  • the management of permits for terraces, display windows and advertising panels;
  • the preparation of projects to connect plots to public utilities as part of urban development;
  • the coordination of winter services; and
  • ice and snow removal on approximately 50% of public roads.

The Service Voirie employs 103 people across a number of sites:

  • The head of department and technical office are based in the La Rocade building,
  • The operating unit that handles maintenance, with its workshops, stock of equipment and fleet of vehicles, is located at the Centre d'intervention et d'entretien (Intervention and maintenance centre) in Cessange, and
  • comprises six sector-specific teams.
Exemple d'un plan avec chemins adaptés

Accessible routes

Route on which a guiding system for the visually impaired is in place from start to finish.

parc municipal de la Ville en automne

Autumn and winter services

Collection of fallen leaves, clearing of snow, and salting of public roads, squares, bus stops, cycle paths and footpaths in parks.

Bonnevoie: redevelopment of Rue Demy Schlechter

Redevelopment work on Rue Demy Schlechter in Bonnevoie until 2020.

Aubette voyageurs

Bus stops

Special bus stop features to make travel easier

Chantier rue Henri VII

Limpertsberg: Upgrade works on Rue Henri VII

Upgrade works in Limpertsberg on Rue Henri VII until June 2019.

Chantier en Ville

Map of ongoing works

View all ongoing works in Luxembourg City on an interactive map

Grand-rue - Ville de Luxembourg

Opening a shop or business

Resources available when opening a business or shop, placement of signs, interior and exterior fixtures, and related municipal regulations

Passage pour piétons

Pedestrian crossings

Tactile paving safely guides people with disabilities to the side of the road.

Report-It: report an incident

Report things in need of repair or rectification in public spaces through our interactive tool, or directly to Luxembourg City's road crews.

Rollingergrund: Redevelopment work on Montée Thommes

Redevelopment on Montée Thommes in Rollingergrund, with completion planned for summer 2019.

Ville-Haute: Rue Aldringen

Infrastructure work on Grand-Rue, Rue Aldringen, Avenue Monterey, Rue Notre-Dame, and Place "Um Piquet" until 2019

Illustration chantier rue de Trèves

Work on public thoroughfares

All minor and major works carried out on public thoroughfares and pavements are subject to prior authorisation by the City of Luxembourg.

the department

Contact details

Bâtiment Rocade

3, rue du Laboratoire
L-1911 Luxembourg

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