The Service Architecte-Maintenance (Architecture and Maintenance Department) has a range of duties:

  • It is in charge of carrying out maintenance and minor repairs on buildings owned by the City of Luxembourg, and has its own dedicated staff to undertake these tasks.
  • It is responsible for cleaning schools, childcare centres, administrative buildings, cultural and community centres, and monitoring seven public lavatories (for work performed by our own personnel)
  • It manages the rental of different cultural centres, which are made available mainly to associations and companies that have their registered offices in Luxembourg City (For all requests, please use the form below to contact Marc Ralinger).
  • It manages the rental and transport of equipment such as benches, tables, signs, voting booths, and even stage risers, which are mainly rented out to associations and companies that have their registered office in Luxembourg City.
    (Joel Wurth: 4796-4639 or email:
  • It is responsible for the logistical management of certain special events, such as state visits, elections, referenda, and National Day festivities
  • It is also in charge of moving furniture for schools, crèches, childcare centres and administrative buildings, as needed

The department currently has 428 employees, including 41 craftspeople and workers for technical maintenance, 367 caretakers and custodians, and 20 people providing functional, organisational and administrative services.