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The City has 620 affordable housing units for which tenants must meet allocation criteria established by grand-ducal decree.


The criteria for obtaining affordable housing are set by Grand Ducal Regulation.

Article 4 of this regulation stipulates that only households that are neither the owner, nor the usufructuary, nor the emphyteutic leaseholder of a dwelling, and who do not enjoy any right of residence in another dwelling, are eligible.

Article 13 of the aforementioned regulation stipulates that only households that have resided in the municipality for at least three years, and households in which at least one member exercises their professional activity in the municipality, meet the conditions of eligibility.


Applications must be made using the appropriate form. Incomplete applications will be returned to applicants by post, together with a list of the missing documents required to complete the application.

Applications, including all required certificates, are subject to a social enquiry conducted at the applicant's home. This enquiry may be carried out together with other social services involved in the case. Once the application has been reviewed and the social enquiry has been completed, the applicant will receive a receipt of acceptance confirming their registration on the waiting list.

Once per year, a letter is sent to all prospective tenants inviting them to update their application. Applications that are not confirmed will be removed from the waiting list.

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