Annual permits

Without prejudice to any other current regulations, permits authorise unrestricted parking of a designated vehicle only in the designated parking zone, until the permit expires.

Annual permits are valid for 12 months and issued

  • either free of charge (for residents' first permit)
  • or subject to payment of the appropriate fee (for residents' second or third permits).

Each permit must be affixed to the inside of the vehicle's windscreen so that the front side is clearly visible.


Residential parking permits are issued by the municipal authorities for a fixed fee, as laid down in the municipal tax regulations:

First permit

free of charge

Second permit


Third permit



Permit applications must be accompanied by a registration document in the name of the vehicle owner who is applying for the permit, together with any other supporting documents that the municipal authorities may require. In the event the permit holder moves house, or sells or transfers ownership of the vehicle, this permit must be returned immediately by post, together with the pertinent information, to the Service Circulation (Traffic Department).

Any reproduction of this document is strictly prohibited.

Temporary permits

Temporary permits are valid for a maximum of 20 days from issue (they will be replaced by an annual permit once the fee has been paid).

Description of the annual permit

On the front

  • the words "stationnement résidentiel" (residential parking)
  • the initialled seal of approval
  • the Luxembourg City logo,
  • the month number and the last two digits of the year of expiry, separated by a forward slash
  • in capitals, the first two characters of the parking zone governed by the relevant regulation
  • the car's licence plate number,
  • the permit's valid from date, as shown by the day, month and last two digits of the year,
  • the permit's expiry date, as shown by the day, month and last two digits of the year,
  • the issue number
  • a reference to the instructions on the reverse of the permit

On the reverse

  • information about the parking permit and how to use it.


Service vehicle permits

To obtain a service vehicle permit for residential parking, please complete the online form:

Visitor permits

Visitor permits (€16 per permit) are issued to residents for use by someone who, for family reasons, intends to stay at the home of the resident for a prolonged period of time. To receive a visitor permit, the resident must submit an application, along with all the necessary supporting documents. The following applies:

  • Each resident is only entitled to three visitor permits per year.
  • A permit cannot be issued more than once a year for the same visitor at the same address.
  • The permit cannot last for more than three months. This time period may, however, be divided into several smaller periods provided that, in total, they do not exceed the aforementioned three months per year.

Parking discs

Parking discs are issued together with residential parking permits by the municipal authorities. These parking discs are only valid in conjunction with the permit.

Without prejudice to any other regulations in force, this parking disc entitles drivers to two hours free parking throughout the City of Luxembourg, both on the roadside and in aboveground car parks. Maximum parking times must still be respected.

When using the parking disc, point the arrow to the anticipated departure time and place it in your windscreen (on the inside of your vehicle) so that it is clearly visible. It is prohibited for users to set a false time, or change the time initially set without first moving the car. Unless the vehicle has been moved at least 150 m, the initial time displayed on the disc cannot be changed.

Luxembourg City parking discs are not valid in the parking disc zones (blue zones) of the neighbouring municipalities of Hesperange, Strassen and Walferdange. In these zones, the blue parking discs specified in the traffic code must be used.

Parking on public thoroughfares

Parking vehicles for more than 24 hours on a public thoroughfare

Please note that Article 5 of the municipal traffic regulations (règlement municipal de la circulation) stipulates the following requirements for any vehicles parked on public thoroughfares: Without prejudice to provisions on parking bans and restrictions, vehicles may not be parked on a public thoroughfare for more than 24 hours without a valid reason.

Parking zone maps