Forestry work

Luxembourg City is responsible for managing its forests (1,055 ha) and performs the necessary maintenance work (cutting, pruning, etc.) using its own personnel – some twenty highly committed forestry employees from the Service Forêts (Forestry Department) – as well as two forestry workers from the Administration de la nature et des forêts (Nature Conservation Agency).

On a daily basis, nature and forestry agents walk through the forest with City employees and inspect its trees closely to conduct risk analyses. Is the crown in good condition? Are there dead branches that could fall and harm passers-by? Is the tree firmly rooted in the soil? Some trees must be cut, trimmed or taken down, or simply monitored to prevent any potential dangers. Fallen or uprooted trees that block paths and roads are removed.

Cutting the grass along the forest paths is also one of the many tasks of the personnel of the Service Forêts. In order to support biodiversity and allow the forest flora to bloom, the Service Forêts has opted to delay the first mowing of the year until 15 June.

The Service Forêts is also in charge of ensuring the rocky outcrops that can be found on municipal land are safe and secure.

Work performed in the workshop

Workers in the workshop of the Service Forêts construct and maintain wooden lodges, which serve as protection against storms and heavy rains, and make signs, wooden benches, picnic tables, raised beds, etc.

The fun play areas at the Bambësch playground are also planned, developed and constructed in the workshop of the Service Forêts. Regular checks are performed by an authorised inspection firm.


The duties of the Service Forêts include the conservation and enhancement of hunting resources. With this goal in mind, three members of the department have been placed in charge of professional hunting (with one taking lead, and the other two acting as alternates).

Bambësch fitnes, longueur et degrés

Bambësch and Crosslaf

Bambësch exercise trail (2.7 km), Bambësch fitness trail and Crosslaf cross-country trail (5.5 km).


Beien an der Stad

A fun 14-station trail that teaches visitors all about the world of bees as they take a tour of the capital (+/-2.5 km).

luxembourg en neige


Burial and cremation, date and time of the ceremony, place of burial or interment of ashes, grave deeds, funerary monuments and forest cemeteries

enfants jouant dans la forêt

Exercise and cross-country trails

Want to get a full body workout in the heart of the forest? Try out the exercise trails! They offer a non-competitive environment for people who want to keep fi...



Luxembourg City's forests are the perfect place to go for a walk or a jog. Our forest guidelines ensure your safety as well as the protection of the environment...

Parcours Kockelscheuer avec longueur et degrés


Kockelscheuer exercise trail (2.75 km) and fitness trail (2.6 km)

enfants jouant dans la forêt

Municipal forests

Over 20% of Luxembourg City land is covered in forest (total: 1055 hectares).

aires de jeux bambesch


Public playgrounds, themed playgrounds and school yards. A hotline is available for reporting damage or other issues.

Abeilles dans un champ de fleurs

Promoting biodiversity

Urban biodiversity is the sign of a healthy environment, and must be preserved and nurtured.


Protecting our municipal forests

The City of Luxembourg owns 1,055 hectares of forests, covering over 20% of its total area.

Parcours Schläifmillen longueur et degrés


Schläifmillen exercise trail (2.9 km) and fitness trail (2.8 km)

Parcours Cents avec longueur et degrés

Tawioun and Cents

Tawioun exercise trail (2.4 km) and Cents fitness trail (2.7 km)

bourgeon gelé

Walking and running

Explore Luxembourg City's forests: 7 marked trails in Bambësch Forest, 6 marked trails in Hamm, Cents and Bonnevoie, 1 marked trail in Kockelscheuer and lots of...