Photo avec les membres de la politique
Politics, policy and administration

On Monday, 18 September 2023, the college of the mayor and aldermen hosted a grape harvesting session at the vineyard in the gardens of the former Neumünster abbey (Klouschtergaart), located at the foot of the Bock promontory.

In 2004, as part of its partnership with the "Trier Landesgartenschau", the City rehabilitated these terraced gardens, reintroducing vines and medicinal plants alongside the vegetable crops that had always been grown there. In the vineyard, which covers approximately 400 square metres, several Luxembourgish varieties of grapes – Elbling, Rivaner, Pinot and mixed varieties – are grown using the traditional method, which involves growing each vine stock separately.

The Klouschtergaart vineyard produces some 260 kg of grapes, which are used to make around 200 litres of wine. The Klouschtergaart wine is not available for sale. It is served at receptions hosted by the City of Luxembourg, and presented as gifts to guests during official visits to City Hall.