CITY is a monthly publication. It is issued 11 times a year, with a single issue for July and August. It is published in French and English, and distributed to all households in Luxembourg City.

CITY focuses mainly on feature articles covering a wide range of topics, including politics, culture, business, mobility and urban planning. To further engage readers, CITY also includes other journalistic content, such as interviews, latest stories and news items.

It also has an "Agenda" section, so readers can easily find event categories or specific events they are interested in.

ons stad

Founded in June 1979, "ons stad" has gained traction among many of the city's residents and friends. Since then, it has developed into a veritable encyclopaedia of information on Luxembourg City.

As all back issues have now been digitised, its entire content from previous years is now easily available. Readers can now browse past issues and use a search engine to look for specific keywords, such as street names, buildings, districts and authors. "Ons stad" is one of the first magazines in Luxembourg to include a search engine on its website that offers full-text searches on all back issues.

Distributed free of charge to all households in Luxembourg City. Also available at the City Hall and Bierger-Center reception desks, while stocks last.


ECOlogique was the City of Luxembourg's magazine on environmental issues. It was published four times a year (spring, summer, autumn and winter) until 2018. Each issue explored a specific topic related to urban ecology, while advocating for environmental protection and supporting environmental projects.

ECOlogique was also a showcase for environmental projects and actions undertaken by the City of Luxembourg. It spotlighted innovative and meaningful initiatives to promote the city's sustainable development. It also contained tips on what readers could do to protect the environment and improve their quality of life.