Find out your child's school catchment area

School catchment areas have been established so that children are assigned to schools located in their neighbourhood. All children must go to school in the catchment area where the residence of their parent(s) or their carer is located.

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Exemption from this requirement in special cases.

Upon written request from the person responsible (and counter-signed by the guardian, where applicable), and following a reasoned decision by the school commission, an application to enrol a child in another school in Luxembourg City may be submitted if the child is cared for by:

  • a relative within the third degree of kinship;
  • a state-authorised third party exercising parental assistance activities;
  • a state-authorised organisation involved in the socio-educational field.

The application form is available from the Service Enseignement (Education Department). Should the grounds for transfer prove admissible, the application will be granted if the organisation of the school can accommodate the child.

Change of school catchment area

If a child's school catchment area changes in the course of a school year due to a change of residence, they may be authorised by the Commission scolaire (at the written request of the parent or guardian and with the approval of the child's class teacher) to finish the year at the same school.

If the pupil is enrolled in an elementary school other than the one in the municipality of their usual place of residence, then the parents must notify their local municipal office by no later than eight days after the start of the school year, providing a copy of the enrolment certificate issued by the school. If parents wish to home-school their child, they must file a declaration with the regional directorate, which will decide whether or not to accept the request. If the request is granted, the parents will then be required to notify their municipality of residence.