Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to appear in person?

  • Applicants must appear in person with their complete application and original documents. The only exception is for applicants who are under administrative guardianship.
  • Minor children do not need to appear in person unless they are applying for nationality by option under Article 86 as a minor.

Do I need to make an appointment?

To facilitate the application process for obtaining Luxembourgish nationality, it is strongly recommended that you make an appointment.

To make an appointment, simply send an email to:

In your email, please indicate the time and dates you are available. You can also send us a scan of your documents in PDF format, which will allow us to check in advance if your application is complete.

What if my application is incomplete?

  • All incomplete applications will be rejected. You will receive your appointment confirmation only if we have validated your application. If you submit an incomplete application when you appear at the Bierger-Center, your application will be denied.

Do I need an interpreter?

  • We speak four languages: English, Luxembourgish, French and German. If you think you may have difficulty understanding, you may bring an interpreter with you.

Appearing at the Bierger-Center

How do I prepare for my appointment at the Bierger-Center, and what should I expect when I get there?

  • All documents submitted in support of your application must be printed. Please do not fold them.
  • To help expedite the processing of your application, please organise the documents beforehand, separating them by applicant.
  • Make sure to arrive for your appointment on time.
  • Go to the reception desk with your appointment confirmation and collect your ticket.
  • Wait until your number is called. Take care not to miss your turn!

Documents to submit


  • Criminal record extracts are valid for six months.
  • The other required documents have no expiry date.


  • Documents do not need an apostille.

Original documents

All documents submitted must be originals. We can make a certified copies of certain documents.


  • Any documents that are not issued in English, French, German or Luxembourgish must be translated by an officially certified sworn translator.

Minor children

  • Minor children automatically receive Luxembourgish nationality along with their parent if they are still a minor on the date the parent acquires Luxembourgish nationality. For this reason, full copies of any minor children's birth certificates and copies of valid IDs are not optional – rather, they are an integral part of your application.

Please note: the date of acquisition of Luxembourgish nationality will be indicated in the "subsequent notes" section of the full copy, which you will receive by post.

  • The law does not permit objections to the automatic acquisition of Luxembourgish nationality by the applicant's minor children. If you do not want your minor child to receive Luxembourgish nationality, you must wait until they reach the age of majority (18) to submit your application for nationality.
  • Your minor children do not need to appear with you on the day of your application.

What if I lose my certificate of nationality?

  • The certificate of nationality is issued by the Ministry of Justice (Ministère de la Justice).
    Please contact the Ministry to obtain a duplicate.
    ( / +352 2478 4532)
  • .

Public holidays in Luxembourg in 2024

  • 1 January (New Year's Day)
  • 1 April (Easter Monday)
  • 1 May (Labour Day)
  • 9 May (Europe Day)
  • 9 May (Ascension Day)
  • 20 May (Pentecost Monday)
  • 23 June (National Day)
  • 15 August (Assumption Day)
  • 1 November (All Saints' Day)
  • 25 December (Christmas)
  • 26 December (Saint Stephen's Day)

After submitting the application for nationality

How long does it take?


Naturalisation is granted or denied within a maximum of eight months. If the application file is not complete, it will remain pending at the Ministry of Justice (Ministère de la Justice) until the applicant submits the missing document(s).

  • Procedure: The Bierger-Center will send you your "ministerial decree" by post, along with an information sheet containing instructions on how to obtain Luxembourg IDs. Please allow approximately one week for administrative processing following the decision date.

Option and reclamation

For an application for nationality by option or reclamation, the processing time is four months from the date on which the Ministry of Justice (Ministère de la Justice) receives the application.

  • Procedure: The Bierger-Center will send you an information letter and a new full copy of your declaration of option/reclamation that will serve as proof of your acquisition of Luxembourgish nationality. Please allow around two to six weeks for administrative processing following the date of acquisition of nationality.

Minor children

  • Minor children automatically receive Luxembourgish nationality with their parent if they are still a minor on the date the parent acquires Luxembourgish nationality.
  • If a foreign authority asks you for written proof that your child has Luxembourgish nationality (certificate of nationality), you may contact the Ministry of Justice (Ministère de la Justice): (+352) 247 84 5 32 or


  • Residents over the age of 15 must possess an identity card. You will find instructions on how to do this in the letter notifying you that you have been granted Luxembourgish nationality.
  • Non-residents are not required to apply for a Luxembourg ID.
    If you need an ID, you may visit

Transcription of a birth, marriage or death certificate

  • All residents of Luxembourgish nationality may have their birth, marriage or death certificates transcribed by their municipality of residence. If you live in Luxembourg City, you may contact the Service État civil (Civil Registry Department): (+352) 4796-2632 or


  • Residents with Luxembourgish nationality who are over the age of 18 and declared in the Grand Duchy are automatically registered to vote in legislative, municipal and European elections. Everyone registered on the electoral rolls must vote on election day.
  • Voting is optional for non-resident Luxembourgers.