How to use this card

Parking permits for certain professional service providers may be issued

  • for vehicles used for medical services;
  • for vehicles used by professionals providing homecare to dependent persons or other healthcare services;
  • for trade vehicles used to carry out installation, repair or maintenance work for customers.

Without prejudice to any other regulations in force, these permits allow unrestricted parking of the vehicle in question throughout the City of Luxembourg, on the roadside and in above-ground car parks, strictly for the time needed to perform the professional service.


Parking permits for certain professional service providers are subject to payment of a fee set by the municipal tax regulations:

Duration Fee

1 month


3 months


6 months


12 months



Applications must be made by the owner or keeper of the vehicle(s) and must include

  • documentary evidence of the professional services to be carried out in the City of Luxembourg; and
  • a copy of the vehicle registration document.

Where the requirements for obtaining said permit need to be verified, applicants must supply any other supporting documentation, upon request. Holders of one or more parking permits also agree to return said permit(s) to the municipal administration should one of the conditions of issue no longer be met.

There is no limit to the number of parking permits that can be granted per applicant. One permit can be registered to a maximum of three vehicle licence numbers. However, it can only be used for one vehicle at a time.

Should any of the conditions of issue no longer be met, the permit must be returned by post, with all the relevant information, to the Service Circulation (Traffic Department).

Any reproduction of this document is strictly prohibited.

Description of the permit

Parking permits for certain professional service providers must contain the following inscriptions:

On the front

  • the Luxembourg City logo
  • the words "Carte de stationnement dans l'intérêt de certaines activités professionnelles" (Parking permit for certain professional service providers)
  • the words "stationnement autorisé" (parking permitted)
  • the permit's validity is shown by the month number and by the last two digits of the year of expiry, separated by a forward slash
  • the registration number(s) of the car(s) (maximum 3 numbers per permit, separated by a forward slash)
  • the starting date for the permit's validity, as shown by the day, month and the last two digits of the year
  • the permit's expiry date, as shown by the day, month and last two digits of the year,
  • the individual authorisation number

On the reverse

  • Information about the parking permit and how to use it.