Sports and leisure
Impressions de la course

To promote recreational sport, fitness and well-being, the City of Luxembourg's Service Sports (Sports Department) runs its "Sports pour tous" programme throughout the year. The programme offers sporting activities for young people, adults and seniors. Over 200 activities are held from Monday to Sunday at over 30 different sites across the city, from gyms and swimming pools to the great outdoors. These are open to anyone wishing to exercise, whether for fun, fitness or general wellbeing. To help you stay in shape during the summer holidays, the City of Luxembourg's Services Sports has created a special "Sports pour tous" summer programme running from Tuesday, 16 July to Monday, 30 September 2024.

Sports classes for young people, adults and seniors

Although there will be fewer classes per age group for the next two months, the activities being offered give everyone a chance to have fun, keep up their workout routine and explore new sports.

The programme for young people aged 12 to 16 includes team sports, such as beach volleyball and football, and individual sports such as weight training, aerobics and running.

Courses for adults centre mainly around fitness, aerobic exercise, weight training and outdoor activities such as jogging, beach volleyball, qi gong, tai chi chuan and Nordic walking.

The summer programme for seniors revolves mainly around gentle aerobics, sports tailored to seniors, weight training, walking and Nordic walking.

Kinnekswiss: sports and recreation in the city centre

In addition to the wide array of indoor and outdoor fitness classes, the City will also be organising daily activities on the Kinnekswiss as of 12 July. Along with regular tai chi chuan and qi gong classes, the City will be providing sports equipment free of charge for people of all ages and for all kinds of activities. Qualified staff will be on-site throughout the week from 11:30 to 19:30 (except in case of rain) to help out and answer your questions.

"Jump for fun" – Trampoline park with 12 trampolines in Merl

From 12 July to 15 September 2024, a trampoline park with 12 trampolines will be set up in Merl Park. The trampoline park will be open every day to children and adults, free of charge, from 12:00 to 20:00 (weather permitting).

Registration and practical information

Additional registration information can be found below and by contacting the Service Sports (90, boulevard de Kockelscheuer / L-1821 Luxembourg / sports@vdl.lu / Tel. 4796-4414 or 4796-4415).