Who can apply?

Grants for investments in measures to protect buildings or facilities from flooding may be awarded under the terms and conditions set forth below.

Any natural person or small business that has received the state grant for the implementation of individual measures to protect buildings or facilities from flooding is eligible for the municipal grant.

In the context of the municipal grant, "small business" means any business enterprise that

  • employs fewer than 50 people, and
  • has an annual turnover or an annual balance-sheet total of less than €10 million.

When assessing eligibility, the size and annual turnover/balance-sheet total of the applicant company, as well as those of any other economic entities with which the applicant company forms a "single business enterprise", should be taken into account. The definition of "single business enterprise" is that stipulated in Article 2.2 of the law of 20 December 2019 on the implementation of a de minimis aid scheme, to which law it refers.

Only buildings/facilities located in Luxembourg City are eligible for the municipal grant.


The municipal grant amounts to one-third of the grant awarded by the State.

Under no circumstances may the combined amount of the state and municipal grants exceed the total expenditure deemed eligible by the State.

The City does not subsidise studies or comprehensive concepts.


The application for the municipal grant, along with the required supporting documents, must be submitted after the works have been completed and invoiced, and within no more than six months of the date of the ministerial decision attesting to the amount of the grant received from the State. Applications received after this deadline will not be considered.

Applications must be made using the form provided by the City, which can be downloaded below.

Applications must include the following documents, failing which they will not be considered:

  • the ministerial decision detailing the itemised amount of the grant received from the State
  • the applicant's bank account details.

The City reserves the right to request that applicants provide any document that it may deem necessary to ascertain compliance with the terms and conditions set forth herein.