During your trip

  • Greet your driver when boarding the bus
  • Press the STOP button before reaching your destination

Make room for other passengers

  • Take off your backpack when standing in the aisle.
  • Stand clear of the doors
  • Don't rush in: let passengers off first

Common courtesy on the bus

  • Priority seating: offer your seat to elderly passengers
  • Priority seating: offer your seat to pregnant passengers
  • Please keep your feet off the seats
  • One seat per person: your bags don't need a seat
  • Don't sit by yourself in an aisle seat: make room for other passengers.

Keep the noise down

  • Please keep your voice down when talking on the bus.
  • Keep down the noise: no loud music, no videos or noisy conversation.

Don't forget

  • Before exiting, make sure you haven't left anything behind
  • No littering. Don't leave your trash on the bus.