Project overview

The upgrade aims to create a playground that is suited to the needs of children of all ages, offering them a diverse array of play options designed to promote new experiences and interactions with other children.

The new infrastructure will be built in the same location and cover some 8,000 m².

Completion: 2025

Purpose of the playground

The playground will promote muscle development, activate the cardiovascular system, and improve motor skills and coordination. The playground will help personal development by encouraging risk assessment and fostering social and cognitive skills.

Another important concept is inclusion: all the play areas must be accessible to all users, whether they have a disability or not. Our goal is to encourage children to interact, cooperate and develop a better understanding of people with special needs.


The largest area is the swing arena with its central basin.

The steel structure offers a variety of swings suited to all ages and user groups: standard swings, baby seats, bird's nest swing, large ropes and hammocks.

Inside the swing structure is a multifunctional concrete basin. When the weather is good, the basin can be filled with water to create a pond where children can play with mini-sailboats provided by the City of Luxembourg. When it is empty, the basin can be used as a racetrack for small vehicles, such as bobby cars, kick bikes, etc.


When will the works begin?

The works are scheduled to start in winter 2024 and are expected to last for around six months, depending on weather conditions.

When will the new playground be ready to use?

The works are scheduled to be completed for the 2025 season.

Will the park or playground be accessible while the works are being carried out?

The park will remain accessible during its regular opening hours, but one of the park entrances will be temporarily closed to users for safety reasons.

The entire playground will be closed to the public while the works are being carried out, but we plan to try to offer alternative activities.

Who will be able to use the new playground?

Children of all ages will be able to use the playground and its equipment. Accompanying adults – parents, grandparents, etc. – will be able to enjoy different seating options.

Will there still be enough recreational space for other park users?

The surface area of the new playground will be identical to that of the old playground. The other areas of the park will not be affected by the works and will remain open to visitors for activities such as walking and other leisure and recreational activities, as well as simply as a place to relax.

Will the trees be protected?

No trees will be cut down to build the new playground. The trees around the work site will be protected from any possible damage during the works.

Will the new playground have enough covered spaces that could provide shelter during bad weather?

Two large all-weather canopies will protect users from the sun and rain. One canopy will be located in the northern part, near the water games zone, and the other will cover the entire toddlers' playground.

What will happen to the old playground equipment?

Due to wear and tear, most of the equipment will be dismantled and sorted appropriately. Equipment that is still in perfect condition will be kept and reused later at another site.

Does the pond present a safety hazard?

The pond will be filled to a maximum of 30 centimetres, which is the minimum depth required for the mini-boats to sail without endangering a child who may accidentally fall in.

Where will the water for the pond come from?

The water will be drawn from a neighbouring spring.

Can the basin be used as a skating rink in the winter?

No, the basin will be filled with water on certain days in the summer so mini-boats can sail in it. The basin will be empty in the winter.