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The following shall be authorised:

  • Stores selling:
    • clothes, accessories, jewellery, household items and appliances,
    • beauty products
    • or pre-packaged dry food items (e.g. tea, chocolate, olive oil, canned tuna, etc.)
  • Establishments offering:
    • services
    • or leisure activities
  • Workshops in:
    • arts and crafts,
    • fashion
    • or photography.

The following types of pop-up stores shall not be authorised:

  • Establishments in the catering industry, such as:
    • restaurants
    • or brasseries.

      Neither pop-up store has kitchen facilities and therefore cannot be rented to run a catering business.

The operator must be have been issued a business permit by the latest on the store's opening day (more information here) and the store must be open at least five days per week (with the exception of public holidays) until at least 18:00.

Rental period

Stores will be made available for rent for at least one month and at most six months. Rental periods may be extended by up to three months depending on the availability of the premises.


The monthly rental fee depends on the occupant's business situation. A flat fee will be added to the rent to cover service charges.


Before using the premises, tenants must take out civil liability insurance covering the entire rental period.

Renting the premises

Next call for proposals in January 2021

If you are interested in renting a pop-up store, simply fill in the form (link below) describing your project and submit your application along with the documents listed below to

Documents and information to be provided:

  • Application form
  • Description of your business plan, including any products or services sold.

Contact details

13, rue Notre-Dame
L-2240 Luxembourg

Opening hours


9:00–12:00 and