The Service Éclairage public (Public Lighting Department) is tasked with providing lighting on Luxembourg City's streets, municipal paths and public squares. In addition, the department is in charge of festive illuminations and street lighting in the suburbs.

If you notice any malfunction in the public lighting system, please contact the Service Éclairage public on T. 4796-3880/email during office hours, or T. 4796-3005 outside of office hours, as well as on weekends and public holidays.

The lighting of state roads (major roads, boulevards, and frequently travelled routes) in Luxembourg City is provided by the electromechanical department of the National Roads Administration (Service Electro Mécanique, Administration des Ponts et Chaussées) at T. 2846-5601, email (25, rue du Chemin de Fer, L-8057 Bertrange).