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Target group

The Streetwork team provides individuals who are homeless or living in precarious living situations with low-threshold, outreach-based support to help them gradually improve their physical and social well-being and health. The aim is to help these individuals to sustainably achieve a quality of life that allows them to live with dignity.

Focus area

This street work team focuses on the Ville Haute district of Luxembourg City. Two containers have been set up in a courtyard on Rue Willy Goergen. The containers function as a meeting point (social café) for individuals and groups who live on the streets. The street work teams also have an office here.

Purpose of the work

  • Social work on the street
    • listening and building trust
    • distributing coffee, soup and sandwiches
    • providing information and guidance
    • arranging appointments
  • Social café
    • listening and building trust
    • fostering a sense of community
    • offering leisure activities
    • distributing hot meals and groceries
    • providing one-to-one assistance as required
    • maintaining a stock of certain items for emergencies (clothing, sleeping bags, etc.)
  • signposting and community connection
    • offering guidance
    • providing support with administrative hurdles and accompanying clients to appointments with public authorities
    • providing information
    • dispatching and working closely with other existing services
    • looking for accommodation
  • Structured housing
    • offering housing options
    • providing on-going support
    • offering assistance with day-to-day problems


Streetwork: Luxembourg Red Cross

  • 1a, rue Willy Goergen
    L-1636 Luxembourg
    Tel. : 621 55 96 94
    621 43 36 19

    621 55 99 17
    621 55 96 97
    621 55 99 41
    621 82 28 12
    621 82 28 16
    621 55 96 93

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