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At a glance

The City provides student transport from various neighbourhoods to the European School I Kirchberg campus during term-time. More information on the individual bus routes is provided below.

The lines below are insured from Tuesday 3 September, 2019.

Route 81 – Eich, Beggen, Dommeldange, Weimerskirch

Route 83 – Neudorf, Clausen, Cents, Weimershof

Route 86 – Merl, Belair & Route 88 – Limpertsberg

École européenne II in Bertrange

The European School II in Bertrange is not served by the Luxembourg City bus service. Please find more information on the school's website:

the department

Contact details

Service Autobus

63 rue de Bouillon
L-1248 Luxembourg

Opening hours

Monday–Friday (call centre)


Saturday (call centre)