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Vue sur la ville

Now that the European elections – one of the world's largest exercises in democracy with over 360 million voters – are over, the three European capitals (Brussels, Luxembourg City and Strasbourg) commend the successful completion of these elections.

We support a democratic, united Europe, endowed with reformed institutions and more effective means of action, and anchored in its individual regions. We believe it is crucial to reaffirm the central position of regional authorities in the European project.

We envision a polycentric Europe that "lives" in its different regions, with its executive in Brussels, the Court of Justice of the European Union in Luxembourg City, the European Parliament – the institution that represents European citizens – in Strasbourg, as well as many other European bodies in its Member States.

Europe is a project that promotes peace and inspires us to dream, and it serves as the foundation for projects grounded in the fundamental values of freedom, the rule of law, gender equality and non-discrimination. We are working together hand in hand to enhance the interconnectivity of our three capitals, particularly where rail transport is concerned.
As the level of governance closest to the people, our cities play an important role in helping Europe achieve its goal of building a peaceful, welcoming, unified space that is equipped to respond to the environmental and social challenges our continent is facing. In Strasbourg, we are at the heart of European democracy – in which we participate wholeheartedly – and we are more than ever committed to promoting and protecting European values.
Our three headquarter cities stand ready to work with the European institutions to ensure that they can successfully perform their duties. The European Union must be perceived as a tangible reality for European citizens and cities in order to succeed in exercising its powers. In Brussels, in the heart of Europe, fostering diversity and knowledge-based cities is essential for promoting European values.

Brussels will remain true to its commitment through its active participation in direct dialogue between the EU's capital cities and the European Commission. As a founding state of the European Union, Luxembourg will continue to do everything within its power to ensure that the values that have shaped European identity continue to be held in the highest esteem in our future society. Strasbourg is preparing to host the first session of the new parliamentary term in mid-July, as well as the next European Mayors Summit, which is to be hosted by Eurocities – the network of large European cities – on 21 and 22 October.

Through these actions, the three European capitals reaffirm their ties and their continuing cooperation.