Info-box and mediators

To best meet the needs of local residents and businesses, the City employs two construction mediators: Nelly Gomes and Flavio Borracci. Their task is to build bridges between locals and the teams responsible for the works. This means that when residents or local businesses have a problem with one of the City's projects, the mediators get in touch with their contacts in the various municipal departments to gather information and implement possible solutions.

Minimising nuisances

To minimise the impact of works on local residents and businesses, the department responsible for coordinating the work site in question cooperates closely with the Service Circulation (Traffic Department) to draw up a phasing plan. This helps minimise disturbances to local traffic and ensure access for deliveries insofar as possible.


Pedestrian access is always guaranteed. Access to garages on the other hand cannot always be provided, because work may need to be conducted in front of a garage entrance or on the pavement. When this is the case, steel plates may be installed to allow access if needed or if the work site is not in full swing.

To the extent possible, it is ensured that pedestrians can move freely between businesses along a work site. Access for business suppliers is provided during the usual time slot.


How long will the works last?

A theoretical timescale is calculated for each project. This timescale takes account of the contractual deadline (in working days) plus public holidays. Bad weather and unexpected events may extend the original deadline. The planned deadlines are regularly updated for each project in the section "All work sites".

Moving during construction work What do I do?

This information should be shared with the work site coordinator as soon as possible. The earlier the work site coordinator receives this information, the easier it will be to organise works at the site in such a way as to take this into account. All the necessary contact details for each work site can be found in the "Current construction projects" section.

Is access to my home guaranteed at all times?

The City of Luxembourg is committed to making residents' daily lives as easy as possible. However, in some cases, when the works so requires, local residents may not be able to access their property by car. They will be notified as far in advance as possible. Pedestrian access is always guaranteed.

Can I get another parking permit?

There is no special "work site" permit. The traffic code must always be observed and enforced. No exception is made when it comes to work sites.

Replacement of water/gas, etc. meters?

As part of the overhaul of the utility networks, the various suppliers bear the cost of the works up to the meter, and where required, the replacement of meters. 

How is my waste removed if the street is blocked?

The Service Hygiène (Sanitation Department) continues to remove waste while work is ongoing. If the road is inaccessible to vehicles, business owners are responsible for removing waste. In general, this means moving the bins to a place that is accessible to Service Hygiène trucks. However, the owner must take the bins out on time so as not to miss the collection.

What do I do if I find damage to my property after the works?

Any damage identified during the works must be reported to the college of the mayor and aldermen in writing. Generally, a complete inspection along with a full report is carried out before work begins. A second inspection report is drawn up after the work is finished. No action can be taken before the work ends, except in an emergency.

Don't see the answer to your question?

Do not hesitate to contact the mediators directly. They will be able to help you and guide you in looking for a solution.

Ask The Expert

"Ask The Expert" is a special section in City magazine that provides information on work sites.

Every month, we ask questions to experts on a work site who explain to the general public how these large-scale projects are carried out.

You can find a list of the most recent issues of City magazinehere.