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Declaring a furnished room

Article 33 of the Law of 25 February 1979 on housing aid stipulates that:

Any person or organisation that leases or provides furnished accommodation (furnished rooms) and collective housing (sets of furnished rooms) is required to make a prior declaration to the mayor of the municipality, stating the maximum number of people accommodated and the amount of rent charged, with a detailed statement of the condition of the premises attached to the declaration." 

Article 34 of the Law of 25 February 1979 on housing aid determines the legal basis on which the commission for furnished rooms can perform inspections. It stipulates that:

Without prejudice to the powers and competencies of medical inspectors and the general and local police, the municipal authorities and the Service Immigration (Immigration Department) are in charge of housing inspection. They must be allowed access to housing which they wish to inspect. The mayor may order the closure of the premises if the housing does not meet the criteria established under article 32.


Article 35 of the same law stipulates that violations and attempted violations of articles 32 and 33 of this law and the provisions of the implementing regulations described in the aforementioned articles are punishable by imprisonment for a period of 8 days to 3 years, a fine of between €251 and €125,000, or both of these penalties.

Establishments granted the label

Businesses and private houses

Establishment Address Label code
Kalmas S.A. 321, Rue de Rollingergrund 4
Howald S.A. 40, Rue de Cessange 3
Howald S.A. 42, Rue de Cessange 4
Cessange S.A. 154, Route d'Esch 4
Mr and Ms Sami Ben Fadhel-Kugener 66, Rue Tony Dutreux 2
Wunnéngshellef 5, Rue des Romains 4
Geranimmo s.à r.l. 14, Rue Baudouin 3
Private 412, route de Longwy 2

Cafés and restaurants



Label code

Café Goal

152, Route d'Esch


Restaurant Tibet

39, Rue Sainte Zithe


Restaurant Brasserie Gielen Eck

208, Route de Thionville


Groupe Securisite Sàrl

12, Route d'Esch


Restaurant Le Puits Magique

47, Rue de Hesperange


Café des Sports 70, rue de Beggen 2

the department

Contact details

37a, rue d’Anvers
L-1130 Luxembourg

Opening hours


8:30–11:30 and afternoons by appointment