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Politics, policy and administration

On Monday, 13 May 2024, the Ministry of the Economy and Info-Handicap awarded the "EureWelcome" label to the City of Luxembourg, in recognition of the capital's "Design for All" policy.».

Certifying their accessibility to persons with special needs, the label was awarded to three events:

the Octave market

  • Most of the businesses have step-free access
  • Assistance provided by vendors if needed
  • Toilet accessible to people with special needs
  • Parking spaces for people with reduced mobility


  • Many wheelchair-accessible chalet-restaurants
  • Wheelchair-accessible Ferris wheel and roller coasters
  • Accessible on-site toilet facilities
  • Many parking spaces for people with reduced mobility
  • Use of the "Fouer-Call-a-bus" service


  • Toilet facilities for people with special needs between the Kinnekswiss and the Glacis car park
  • Round-the-clock toilet facilities at Place de Paris, Cercle Cité, the Knuedler car park and Place de la Constitution during the Christmas market
  • Most of the businesses have step-free access

As part of its drive to create a city that is "open to all", the City of Luxembourg continues to direct its efforts towards developing a capital without barriers, accessible to everyone. The list of the structures and events that have been awarded the "EureWelcome" label, along with accessibility-related information that people with special needs will find useful, can be found on www.eurewelcome.lu – the website dedicated to "tourism for all" in Luxembourg – and on the eurewelcome mobile app.