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Lost Weekend – Halloween Edition

48 Hour Film Challenge

Filmreakter drops by the Cinémathèque to present a horror-themed special edition of their popular Luxfilmfest event. Lost Weekend challenges all filmmakers, from complete beginners to seasoned professionals, to make a short film - from conception to finished product - in only 48 hours. They supply the theme, a line of dialogue, a prop and a different horror genre for each team - and the filmmakers return with a full program of scary movies to screen for you at Halloween!

In collaboration with the Filmreakter asbl, the Luxfilmfest and the support of the Œuvre Nationale de Secours Grande-Duchesse Charlotte and ARRI Rental.

Part I

Ma 31 | 10 à 18h30

Lost Weekend – Halloween Edition
(Screening of the selected short films | vostEN | approx. 70’)

A screening of the short films produced for the Lost Weekend Halloween Edition, in the presence of the filmmaking teams.

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Part II

Filmreakter’s Cinélunatique
Make it a double feature! Following their screening of oven-fresh short films, Lost Weekend is joined by its sister project Cinélunatique to bring you a b-movie rollercoaster in the best do-it-yourself spirit!

Lu 31 | 10 à 21h00

(USA 2022 | Joseph Winter, Vanessa Winter | vo | 87’ | digital | Cast : Joseph Winter, Melanie Stone, Pat Barnett)

A disgraced internet personality tries to restore his image by spending one night alone in a haunted house where he accidentally angers a vengeful ghost. Produced, written, edited, directed by and starring married filmmaking couple Joseph and Vanessa Winter.

Proof that there's still life in the found-footage gimmick, 'Deadstream' is a scarily good bit of B-movie fun.

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