25th Anniversary Screening

Ve 24 | 03 à 20h30 : The Big Lebowski
(USA 1998 | vostf | 114’ | c | De : Joel Coen)

Since the Coen Brothers’ The Big Lebowski hit screens in March 1998 in the USA, the stoner movie hasn’t been the same. Jeff Lebowski, aka the Dude (« El Duderino if you are not into the whole brevity thing ») is Jeff Bridges’ most famous role and one of the Coens’ most iconic characters in a filmography filled with them. Film critic Roger Ebert has suggested that « some may complain that the story never ends up anywhere. That isn't the film's flaw, but its style ». Indeed, it seems logical for a movie about a stoner to turn in hallucinatory circles more than get ahead.

Instead of the story, we savour the oddly specific characters, their attitudes and their memorable dialogues. And all this against an incredible backdrop, as Gulf War-era Venice Beach has been transformed into a kind of seedy, Raymond Chandler-esque playground for those into drinking White Russians, smoking illegal substances and defending rugs that tie the whole room together.

Tickets for this screening are €7,50 and include a (Virgin) White Russian, available in our bar from 19:30.


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