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Woman is the Future of Man  

Yeojaneun namjaui miraeda Corée du Sud 2004 | Hong Sangsoo | vostEN | 87' | digital | Cast : Yoo Jitae, Kim Taewoo, Sung Hyanah

Compétition, Festival de Cannes 2004


As the first snow falls in Seoul, two old friends reunite; one is a successful college professor, and the other, a struggling filmmaker recently returned from the United States. After their reminiscences, they finally decide to go in search of the young woman each had romanced years earlier.


« Memory, desire and raw self-interest clash against one another with startling poignancy. » (New York Times)


« The simple structure, unwinding over roughly 36 hours, unassumingly encompasses a lifetime of disappointment and inescapable male foolishness. It’s a rich, absorbing spectacle. » (Film Comment)

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