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Project presentation

Jury comments

This project for the Wunnquartier Stade development has been guided by the motto "Forest Living". It features a city forest that stretches from Rollingergrund to Belair, into which the planned residential buildings will be integrated. Parts of the existing stadium will be preserved and subsumed into the green area. The city forest will be created first, at the start of the execution phase, so that the trees will have already reached a decent size by the time the next phases of construction begin.

The historical buildings of the old barracks, which formerly housed the municipal fire brigade, will be preserved in their entirety and integrated into the new neighbourhood. This is where the centre of the area will be, with retail, restaurants and service providers having the opportunity to set up shop around the new town square on Route d'Arlon. This area is also intended to be a neighbourhood meeting point.

The project's authors are proposing three different types of building for the residential units which will be constructed along Route d'Arlon, in the new city forest and along Rue Napoléon. These apartments will be built to face in multiple directions.

The project is largely convincing, but the design must be improved in terms of feasibility with regard to the planned urban density (very high volume of trees along Route d'Arlon and partially in the city forest) and the city forest concept.


Team 121019

Urbaniste : Temperaturas Extremas Arquitectos S.L.P.
Paysagiste : Mersch Ingénieurs-Paysagistes SARL
Expert en mobilité : Ecomobilités Territoires & Connexions (ETC) consultants en mobilité
Expert en énergie : SGI INGENIERIE S.A Luxembourg
Programmiste urbain : ECAU Sàrl Etudes et Conseils en Aménagament et Urbanisme