Supporting businesses and artists

"Art on the Street " is a joint initiative with the Luxembourg City Business Association (Union Commerciale de la Ville de Luxembourg) and the online art platform "Art Work Circle" to brighten up empty storefronts  in the city centre and the Gare district by exhibiting works of art by artists from Luxembourg and the Greater Region.

The project

The City of Luxembourg has long been committed to diversifying its cultural offering and creating an environment that is conducive to business development. The "Art on the Street" initiative works towards both these goals by exhibiting original pieces by artists from Luxembourg and the Greater Region in the front windows of shops and businesses that are vacant or unoccupied (during holiday periods, renovation work, pending the arrival of new tenants, etc.).

With this project, Luxembourg City and its partners aim to promote, develop and boost local business, while at the same time providing an improvised art space that residents, visitors and tourists can appreciate 24/7.

The benefits of the "Art on the Street" project are twofold: not only does it draw attention to vacant business premises that are available to let, giving local merchants and business owners new impetus; it also  fosters artistic creation and offers artists a new means of showcasing their work.

All the art on display can be purchased, and whenever a piece is sold, it is immediately replaced to ensure the art spaces remain dynamic and engaging.

Window dressing: good for business owners, merchants and developers

By taking part in the project, you will be:

  • contributing to Luxembourg City's economic and commercial development; 
  • helping to promote the work of artists from Luxembourg and the Greater Region;
  • showcasing your business premises free of charge, and in so doing, increasing your chances of finding a tenant quickly;
  • able to benefit from "Art on the Street" publicity campaigns advertising your premises;
  • listed in the project programme and be easy to locate.

Participation in the "Art on the Street" project is entirely free of charge for business owners and merchants for the duration of the exhibitions, aside from the costs they would normally incur for the upkeep of their windows and business premises. 

What the exhibitions looks like

To give you an idea of what the exhibitions looks like, here are a few snapshots of the art already on display at four city-centre businesses – or better yet, go into town and have a look around for yourself!

How to register

To promote the development of this novel type of artistic space and make the city's pedestrian and shopping areas more attractive, the City of Luxembourg is calling on owners of temporarily unoccupied business premises to take part and support the project.

Participation is free and open to all property owners and developers with unoccupied business premises in Luxembourg City.

The conditions for participation are set forth in the general terms and conditions of the project, which can be found in the participation form below.

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