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The following shall be authorised:

  • Stores selling:
    • clothes, accessories, jewellery, household items and appliances,
    • beauty products
    • or pre-packaged dry food items (e.g. tea, chocolate, olive oil, canned tuna, etc.)
  • Establishments offering:
    • services
    • or leisure activities
  • Workshops in:
    • arts and crafts,
    • fashion
    • or photography.

The following types of pop-up stores shall not be authorised:

  • Establishments in the catering industry, such as:
    • restaurants
    • brasseries.


Stores will be made available for rent for at least one month and at most six months. Rental periods may be extended by up to three months depending on the availability of the premises.


Rent per month, excluding charges Entrepreneurs/Merchants Priority of application
€650 Entrepreneurs and merchants wishing to set up a business, but who have not yet found business premises. No. 1
€1,250 Entrepreneurs and merchants with sales experience (e.g. private sales), but who have not yet found business premises. No. 2
€2,250 Entrepreneurs and merchants with their own business premises. No. 3
On request Major national or international subsidiaries and merchants with several business establishments. No. 4

Applications from merchants in a transition period, and from entrepreneurs without business premises (e.g. lease expired, etc.) will be given priority.


A flat fee of €280 will be added to the monthly rent to cover the following costs:

  • Collection of waste and cardboard packaging,
  • water supply,
  • heating
  • and electricity.


Before using the premises, tenants must take out civil liability insurance covering the entire rental period.

Renting your premises

If you are interested in renting a pop-up store, simply fill in this form, describing your project, and return your application along with the documents listed below to

All applications must include:

  • A business permit,
  • a description of the planned activity, 
  • and a criminal record certificate (extrait du casier judiciaire) – or equivalent document – serving as proof of the applicant's integrity and good character. The document must have been issued by a judicial or administrative authority in the applicant's country of origin within the last three months.

We will then get back to you as soon as possible.