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The COVID-19 pandemic, and the measures taken by the government to protect the populace, have had a major impact on most of us. As the retail sector, and the city's hotels, restaurants and cafés are vital for residents and visitors, and to ensure the capital retains its appeal, the college of aldermen has made a number of decisions to provide as much support as possible to businesses with premises in the city.
This scheme will be rolled out in several stages, the first of which is a direct voucher purchase campaign.

Letter from Mayor Lydie Polfer

Grant of €4,000

On 19 June 2020, the municipal council unanimously ratified a municipal regulation granting a one-off sum of €4,000, in order to provide more support for the city's businesses in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Please note that only one grant will be paid to each legal operating entity, or to each individual business.

To read the municipal regulation in question, please click on the link below:

How to apply

Business owners wishing to receive this grant are kindly asked to submit their application form by 30 September 2020.
Complete applications must be sent by email to, or posted to:

Administration Communale de la Ville de Luxembourg
Développement économique et commercial
42, Place Guillaume II
L-2090 Luxembourg

If you choose to use the form with a LuxTrust electronic signature, please note that it can only be signed using a signing stick or smart card.
This form must be downloaded and saved on your computer, then filled in and sent in electronic form.

The form must be completed in full, dated and signed, and sent along with the necessary documents.


Am I eligible for the grant?

The grant will be awarded to businesses that have premises in the city and are established and operating here as at 16 March 2020; the business must still be trading at the time of applying. The grant is not payable to businesses that, prior to the date of payment:

  • are bankrupt, or subject to insolvency or winding-up procedures;
  • have assets being administered by a liquidator or by a court;
  • are in an arrangement with creditors;
  • has suspended business activities, or is in any analogous situation arising from a similar procedure provided for under national laws or regulations;

The form above contains further information on which sectors of activity are ineligible for this grant.

How do I apply?

The application form is available under "How to apply" above.

Complete application forms must be sent by email to, or posted to:

Administration Communale de la Ville de Luxembourg
Développement économique et commercial
42 Place Guillaume II
L-2090 Luxembourg

What is the application deadline?

Applications must be submitted by 30 September 2020 (date as per postmark).

Who should I contact if I have any problems?

Feel free to contact the Cellule développement économique et commercial (Economic and Commercial Development Unit)

  • by sending an email to, and/or
  • by calling +352 4796-2927 or +352 4796-2963.

Contact details

Luxembourg City Hall

42, place Guillaume II