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The COVID-19 pandemic, and the measures taken by the government to protect the populace, have had a major impact on most of us. As the retail sector, and the city's hotels, restaurants and cafés are vital for residents and visitors, and to ensure the capital retains its appeal, the college of aldermen has made a number of decisions to provide as much support as possible to businesses  with premises in the city. These will be implemented in several stages.

Letter from Mayor Lydie Polfer


The first project to be undertaken seeks to raise public awareness of the situation, and also to provide businesses affected by the pandemic with immediate financial support. To do so, the City will purchase €1,000 worth of vouchers directly from them, and then distribute these vouchers among the general public through competitions and other promotional activities.

Online platform

The City plans to take advantage of this project to update the data it holds on business premises in the capital and, at the same time, begin work on setting up an online platform to showcase businesses, in collaboration with the Luxembourg City Business Association (Union commerciale de la Ville de Luxembourg – UCVL) and Letzshop. The platform is expected to be ready by the end of 2020.


Are you a business owner? Do you have any questions? Would you like more information? Check our list of FAQs below:

Who is eligible?

All businesses with fixed premises, as well as all hotels, restaurants and cafés in Luxembourg City. The following businesses are ineligible: pharmacies, grocery stores with a surface area exceeding 200 m2, real-estate agencies, real-estate development promoters and property managers, insurance agencies, banks, car dealers, petrol stations, cable operators and telecommunication businesses, as well as taxi and transport companies.

Where and when do I submit my vouchers?

The registration period ended on 4 July 2020.

When and where will the vouchers be given away to the general public?

The vouchers will be given away via competitions on social media and through other promotional activities arranged by the City over a two-month period (07/08/2020 - 01/10/2020).

Who should I contact if I have any problems?

Feel free to contact the Cellule développement économique et commercial (Economic and Commercial Development Unit)

  • by sending an email to, and/or
  • by calling +352 4796-2927 or +352 4796-2963.