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Christmas lights were introduced in the city to brighten up its public spaces and create a festive atmosphere across the capital. Now, in addition to the traditional fairy lights, visitors can delight in fantastic decorations and new displays designed to guide sight-seers around the city whilst highlighting the capital's unique architectural features.

Hundreds of thousands of illuminations of all different kinds, from twinkling fairy lights to colourful sculptures, invite visitors to discover the city's streets and squares, framed each year in a whole new light. And while strolling through the city marvelling at the sights, why not take a break and explore some of the city's Christmas markets?

The City has been using energy-efficient and LED bulbs/twinkle lights since 2009 and, this year, all of the lights are LEDs.

Dates and times


From 19 November 2021 (17:00) to 10 January 2022 (1:00).


Every day from 6:00 to 1:00.

New in 2021

28 new displays, comprising 360 new elements, have been added this year.

City centre
Location Theme Theme
Parc Amélie Giant heart (12 m wide and 8 m tall). "Häerzbeem"

"Les allées des cœurs" ("Heart trail") along Avenue de la Porte Neuve
between Rond-Point Schuman and Boulevard Prince Henri

Rue de la Poste "Tango Balls"  
Courtyard of the Old Athénée "Forêt Enchantée" ("Enchanted forest") "L'arbre fantaisie" ("Fantasy tree")
Place du Théâtre Illumination of the pavilion in the square  
Boulevard Royal "Etoiles animées avec pastilles métalliques" ("Animated stars with metal dots")  
Rue des Capucins "Ampoules" ("Light bulbs")  
Rue Aldringen "Tosca" Light garlands in the trees
Rue du Curé "Elegance"  
Rue Louvigny "Rideau Joylight" ("Joylight curtain") between Rue Aldringen and Rue Philippe II  
Rue Notre-Dame "Pegasus Mast" an extension of the display put up in 2019  
Rue de la Boucherie "Tapis lumineux" ("Carpet of light") reinstallation of the display used before the construction works  
Location Theme Theme
Place de Paris "Niklosbam" (St Nicholas Tree): a magical, 20-metre high pine tree Light garlands in the trees
Place de Metz

"Boules 3D" ("3D baubles"), 5 m high

Place des Martyrs "Bougies géantes de l'avent" ("Giant advent candles"), 5 m high "Arc lumineux enchanté" ("Light-up enchanted arch"), 45 m wide
Place Wallis "Adventskalenner", every day from 1 to 24 December at 17:00/18:00/19:00 and 20:00  
Place de Strasbourg Christmas tree  
Avenue de la Liberté
"Stalactite LED super bright" ("Super-bright LED Stalactite") between Place de Paris and Luxembourg Central Station
Other districts
Location Theme
Rue Gabriel de Marie (Cents) "Corde" ("Cord")
Rue du Pont (Pfaffenthal)

"Rideau lumineux" ("Curtain of lights") panoramic elevator

Returning favourites

In addition to this year's new installations, remember to check out some of the our old all-time favourites, which will be on display once again this year.

City centre
Location Theme Theme
Place d'Armes "Sapin traditionnel luxembourgeois" ("Traditional Luxembourgish Christmas tree") "Tree Light Show", every day at 17:30/18:30/19:30 and 20:30
Rue des Capucins

"Rideau Joylight" ("Joylight curtain")

Rue Chimay "Cylindre lumineux" ("Light-up tube")  
Place de la Constitution "Sapin doré" ("Golden Christmas tree")  
Rue du Curé "Boules suspendues" ("Hanging baubles")  
Rue du Fossé / Côte d'Eich "Rideau stalactite" ("Stalactite curtain")  
Rue Genistre "Chemin des lanternes" ("Lantern trail")  
Boulevard Royal "Boule géante" ("Giant bauble")  
Place Guillaume II "L'arbre bleu de Pierre Bardet" ("Blue Tree by Pierre Bardet") "Rudophe" ("Rudolph")
Place Hamilius "Tentacules" ("Tentacles")  
Rue Louvigny "Rideau Joylight" with 3D lanterns  
Rue Notre-Dame "Snowlights" (Bierger-Center courtyard)  
Rue Philippe II "Tapis aux mille lumières" ("Carpet of a thousand lights")  
Boulevard Roosevelt "Etoiles 3D" ("3D stars")  
Rue Sigefroi "Péckvillechersbeem"  
Other districts
Location Theme
Avenue de la Liberté (Gare) Fairy lights in trees (between Place de Metz and Place de Paris)
Op der Schmëtt (Grund)

Light garlands in the trees

Rue des Glacis (Limpertsberg) "Candela"
Place Auguste Laurent (Limpertsberg) "Jeu d'anneaux" ("Decorative rings")
Rue de Merl (Merl) "Boules dans arbres" ("Baubles in trees")
Place Henri Funck (Neudorf) "Couronne suspendue" ("Floating crown")

Giant advent wreath

Place des Martyrs

The four candles in the advent wreath will be lit one by one, and each one represents a partner city in the QuattroPole network (Trier, Saarbrücken, Metz, Luxembourg). With this display – which has been organised as part of the Luxembourg chairmanship of QuattroPole – the mayors of the four partner cities wish to thank their citizens for their solidarity and commitment to others during the pandemic. On the last Sunday of Advent (19 December), an information stand will be set up at Place d'Armes to inform the public about QuattroPole's various projects and initiatives. What's more, they will be handing out goodies, so make sure to stop by!

the department

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2, Bd F.D. Roosevelt
L-2450 Luxembourg

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Petit Passage

9, rue Chimay
L-2090 Luxembourg

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8:00–12:00 and 13:30–17:00