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Ee Gudden … Nationalfeierdag

To protect the health of Luxembourg City residents and visitors, the City has decided, once again this year, to cancel the annual festivities that typically draw thousands of people to the streets of Ville-Haute and the Grund.

But don't worry – we're still marking the day! Fire up your ovens and enter our cooking competition, "Ee Gudden … Nationalfeierdag"!

Let's cook, share, and celebrate on 23 June!

Delight your friends and family by cooking them a traditional Luxembourgish meal on 22 and 23 June 2021.

Happy National Day!


For Nationalfeierdag, we have put together a gourmet menu of Luxembourgish specialities. So let's cook, share, and celebrate!

Want to try out these recipes?

At the Luxembourg City markets listed below, we'll be giving away baskets of ingredients for these delicious dishes. The winners will be picked in a prize draw:

  • on 15 June at the Bouneweger Maart (Bonnevoie)
  • on 16 June at the Stater Maart (Hamilius)
  • on 19 June at the Stater Maart (Hamilius)
  • on 20 June at the Glacismaart (Champ du Glacis)

Our hosts are waiting for you...

How do I take part?

Send a photo of your Nationalfeierdag meal to for a chance to win a lovely cookbook on Luxembourgish cuisine with many more local specialities to try out.

Want to share your creations directly with us on social media? Simply tag us or post using the hashtags #nationalfeierdag2021 and #eegudden.

Ee Gudden… Nationalfeierdag!

Competition rules

Nationalfeierdag menu




Mini Gromperekichelcher



Main course



Rhubarb tart


Crémant biscuits


Download the recipes

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