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Registrations for the season 2019-2020 are now closed.

The season is full and there is no Libre Pass available anymore.

More information regarding the waiting list or on how to attend this season's lessons without a Libre Pass below.

General information

Information and registration:


Registration is open until Monday, 24 September. To register, simply send your reservation request to, specifying the option of your choice. If you choose the "Fauteuil Duo"* option, please send us the name of your movie buddy.
Once you have registered, we will send you a confirmation e-mail with details on how to pay and collect your LIBRE PASS. Requests will be processed on a first-come first-served basis until all seats have been reserved.

*Fauteuil Duo: special price for two people (couples, friends, etc.) LIBRE PASSes with the DUO option must be paid for and collected jointly. Duo is a reduced-price option and does not guarantee you can sit together.

Prices and options

We offer the LIBRE PASS "Tutto BonFilm" package with the "Fauteuil Single" option at €80 (full price) or €60 (reduced price**) or, if you choose to register with a friend, you can benefit from the "Fauteuil Duo"* option at €60 per person.

**Reduced price: people under 18 or over 65, students and "Carte Jeune" holders

LIBRE PASS "Tutto BonFilm"

  • 11 lectures (Lessons 0 to 10),
  • 11 post-lecture sessions with finger food and a chance to meet the speakers,
  • 11 groundbreaking films,
  • 11 educational handouts,
  • and 31 key films*** on Sundays, plus a diploma awarded at the end of the course.

***In addition to the classes: key films are screened every Sunday at 20:30 (list to be published in due course)

Fauteuil Single  Fauteuil Single  Fauteuil Duo* (per person)

full price: €80

reduced price**: €60

one price: €60

1 "Tutto BonFilm" EVENING

(available only at the evening box office) 

  • 1 lesson/lecture
  • 1 post-lecture session with finger food and
  • a chance to meet the speaker
  • 1 ground-breaking film
Fauteuil Single (evening box office only) Fauteuil Single (evening box office only)

full price: €7.50

reduced price**: €5


Frequently Asked Questions about the <i>Université Populaire du Cinéma</i><i></i>: ​

I'd like to attend a few sessions without having to buy a Libre Pass. Can I buy a ticket for one evening?

If you wish to attend the lessons but were unable to buy a Libre Pass, we recommend you go to the evening box office to be put on the waiting list. Past experience has shown that access to the room may be restricted for the first few lessons, but the vast majority of cinema-goers who turn up usually find a place.

At 19:00, we begin redistributing the tickets allocated to Libre Pass holders who failed to show up.

I'd like to sell my Libre Pass. How can I get my money back?

If you wish to sell your Libre Pass, send an e-mail to We will check whether anyone on our waiting list is interested and send you their contact details. The UniPopCiné team will act as intermediary, but will not refund the price of your Libre Pass if you can't find a buyer.

I have a Libre Pass and would like a seat in the auditorium section. Can I reserve a seat?

The Cinémathèque has seating for 100 in the main auditorium section and for 87 in the balcony section. Seats are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. Tickets are issued to Libre Pass holders in order of arrival. The first 100 patrons who show up at the box office on the day are given tickets for the auditorium section.

Patrons who would like seats in the auditorium section are advised to show up on time to pick up their tickets. The box office opens at 18:00. Tickets are not issued before the day of the screening.

I have a Libre Pass with the "Fauteuil DUO" option. Can I reserve a seat next to mine for the person joining me?

The "Fauteuil DUO" option is sold at a special price for people who want to register with the Université Populaire du Cinéma together. For organisational reasons, we cannot guarantee that you will be seated together. Tickets are issued to Libre Pass holders in order of arrival, and seats may not be reserved beforehand.

If you wish to sit with your "Fauteil DUO" buddy, we advise that you show up together and on time to increase your chances of finding seats together.

I'd like to continue discussing the various topics addressed during the UniPopCiné sessions. Have you thought about setting up an interactive blog?

In addition to the short session held after each lesson, which provides an opportunity for participants to engage with the speaker, we have created a Facebook page ( where participants can continue discussing the topics raised during the lessons in a more informal setting. On this page, users can post comments, photos and film clips related to the UniPopCiné lessons.

the department

Contact details


17, place du Théâtre
L-2613 Luxembourg
Administration, archives et bibliothèque
10, rue Eugène Ruppert
L-2453 Luxembourg

Opening hours

Summer hours Monday to Friday

Daily screenings at 18:30 and 20:30 Box office opens: 30 minutes before screenings

Summer hours Saturday and Sunday

Saturday: 19:00 and 21:30 Sunday: 15:00, 17:00 and 20:30