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Practical information and safety measures

Toutes les personnes faisant partie de la voiture/de la lounge doivent être présentes au moment du contrôle des tickets et du CovidCheck afin de pouvoir accéder ensemble sur le site du Kino um Glacis. Merci de bien vouloir attendre à l'extérieur du site lorsque les personnes faisant partie de votre voiture/lounge ne sont pas encore arrivées. 

[ CovidCheck Event ]

The "Kino um Glacis" shows will be held using the CovidCheck system to allow audiences to have a safe and enjoyable evening. This means that audience members will not need to wear a mask (but they may choose to if they prefer), people may move around freely at the site without the need for social distancing, and a food village may be set up on-site. 

To gain entrance to the "Kino um Glacis" open-air cinema, viewers must therefore bring their movie ticket, as well as:

  • their EU Digital COVID Certificate (digital or on paper) OR
  • their recovery certificate OR
  • their certificate of a negative COVID-19 PCR test result, issued within the last 72 hoursOR
  • their certificate of a negative COVID-19 rapid antigen test result, issued within the last 48 hoursOR

The Centre de certification test antigénique gratuit (centre for free rapid antigen test certification) located at 95, Grand-Rue, L-1661 (opening hours available here) enables anyone to get themselves tested for free using the vouchers available on site. To have a PCR test done at a large scale testing centre without an invitation, click here

The organisers ask viewers to come prepared with the necessary documents so as to ensure the best possible experience for everyone and prevent long queues. In the event you cannot produce any of these documents, it will be possible for you to carry out a rapid antigen test upon your arrival in a separate area outside of the "Kino um Glacis" site.



  • 1 "car" ticket = for all passengers in the car
  • 1 "lounge" ticket = for two or four people


€12 per car or four-person lounge and €8 per two-person lounge


Tickets will only be sold on No tickets will be sold on site. Tickets will be issued in "print@home" and "mobile ticket" form. Tickets are non-refundable.

Your entry ticket will be exchanged for a food voucher, which can be redeemed at the food village. The value of this voucher will be the same as the ticket price paid (€8 or €12). Upon arrival, a voucher will be given to the holder of a ticket valid for the film being shown. This voucher is non-refundable and only valid on the evening in question.

Opening hours and show times


Entry to the site begins at 19:00 for valid ticket holders. Viewers are asked to arrive before 21:30. Please arrive on time so as not to delay the start of the screening. In order to avoid queues and delays, we have allowed for a very generous time window for entry to the site. This also means viewers are freer to arrive at a time that suits them. You will be allowed to leave the site and come back in time for the beginning of the film. You will be given a coloured wristband upon arrival in order to regain access to the site. However, please also keep your paper ticket or e-ticket on your smartphone.


As films can only be screened in low light, screenings will start at sunset, i.e. around 21:30.

Even if it rains, screenings will go ahead as scheduled!

Access by car and technical guidelines


Cars will be allowed to enter and leave the site row by row. Drivers will be directed to their spaces by security staff. Parking spaces are allocated on a first come, first served basis, meaning they cannot be reserved in advance. Parking spaces will also be allotted based on vehicle size:

  • Cars <1.60 m (standard size)
  • Vehicles >1.60 m (MPVs, SUVs, 4WDs, off-road vehicles, etc.)

You will be asked the size of your car when booking your ticket.


To help protect the environment and avoid disturbing others, please keep engines and headlights switched off for the entire duration of the film.

A car radio can be left on for hours without draining the battery. Should you have any problems, we will have the equipment needed to get you on the road again. 


The film's sound will be broadcast directly to radios in viewers' cars over a dedicated FM frequency. Ticket holders will be informed of the correct frequency when they enter the site.


Viewers without an operational car radio are asked to bring a portable FM radio. Members of staff will be on hand, if needed, to assist anyone who is having trouble receiving the broadcast or with the broadcast itself.


After the screening, viewers are asked to follow staff instructions, so the site can be cleared in as orderly and pleasant a manner as possible.

Pedestrian lounge area

Ticket holders for the lounge area will be given wristbands upon arrival at the site. The lounge areas are numbered and viewers may choose their seats when buying their entry tickets at


The film's sound will be broadcast over loudspeakers directed at the sofas. Viewers seated on the sofas do not need to bring a portable radio.