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Chargée à l'égalité entre femmes et hommes

For the college of aldermen, gender equality is among the basic principles underlying all political action by the City of Luxembourg. A gender equality officer (chargée à l'égalité entre femmes et hommes) has been appointed, tasked with ensuring equal opportunity throughout the administration, in particular by launching specific initiatives to achieve this goal. Their role has both internal and external aspects.


In terms of personnel management and administrative practices, they are in charge of raising awareness for gender equality across all municipal departments and for ensuring compliance with gender equality policies. In particular, their duties entail conducting a quantitative and qualitative gender-specific assessment of personnel management, of the opportunities for the City's personnel to achieve a work-life balance, and even recruitment, promotion and career development practices.


In this role, they oversee the entire range of services offered by Luxembourg City in the cultural, social, administrative and leisure domains, as well as in terms of infrastructure, etc. Upon reviewing their service offering through the lens of gender equality, the gender equality officer undertakes specific processes to integrate gender equality into the City's actions together with the various departments involved. Additionally, they shall organise events designed to promote equal opportunities among the public.

Lastly, the gender equality officer shall reinforce Luxembourg City's ties to national and international players working in the field of gender equality.

Contact details

Annemie Maquil

9, Bd F.D. Roosevelt
L-2450 Luxembourg