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Online book readings and presentations


Looking for a distraction? The City of Luxembourg's Service Seniors (Department of Senior Services) has made a number of presentations, conferences and book readings available online.

Every Tuesday afternoon, we will add new content:

  • History presentations
  • Book readings
  • Discussions of topical issues

For more information, feel free to get in touch by calling us on 4796-2428.

You can take your time viewing this content, the videos will be kept available online. No need to watch them all at once.


Konferenz: Mäi Wëllen, Mäi Wee

La mission de l‘association est de faire connaître la loi de 2009 sur l’euthanasie et le suicide assisté. (Association pour le Droit de Mourir dans la Dignité Lëtzebuerg a.s.b.l.) Nadine Vinandy

Timba-Geschicht: Déif gekillt

La nouvelle de Joseph Kayser se déroule fin des années 1980 dans un bistrot à Bonnevoie. Plusieurs personnages louches s’y rencontrent, parmis eux quatre copains qui s’inquiètent de se retrouver en prison.

Liesung mam Joseph Kayser



L’association AMIAVY se présente et explique sa mission.

Presentation: Assisted living at Konviktsgaart

Tour virtuel du Konviktsgaart. Visitez nos logements court séjour.

A virtual tour of the Konviktsgaart. Check out our short-stay rooms.


A French version will be made available soon.

Tour virtuel du Konviktsgaart. Visitez nos logements long séjour.

A virtual tour of the Konviktsgaart. Check out our long-term accommodation.


A French version will be made available soon.

Book reading: "Wollekestol"

Jean Back reads from his novel Wollekestol, published in 2003 by Editions Ultimomondo. The author tells stories from his childhood and pays tribute to his hometown of Dudelange.

Presented by Jeab Back.
Edition Ultimomondo

Lecture: De Mansfeld

The life of Pierre Ernest de Mansfeld, governor of the Spanish Netherlands – to which Luxembourg belonged – in the 16th century.

Presented by: Renée Noesen

Book Reading: "Plongée confidentielle"

This book has been translated from English into French by Kit Graas, and is illustrated with photos and anecdotes about diving.

Presentation: Association Luxembourg Alzheimer ASBL (ALA)

Presentation: Association Luxembourg Alzheimer ASBL

A presentation of the Association LUXEMBOURG Alzheimer ASBL (ALA), followed by a talk about dementia.

15/09/2021 Q&A session: 09:00 to 17:00.

Tel.: +26 007-1

Presented by: Alain Tapp

Book reading: "Kauf dir doch ein Leben"

Go buy yourself a life

With a charming mix of satire and self-deprecation, Josiane Kartheise takes an astute look at some of the absurdities and contradictions of modern life.

Presented by: Josiane Kartheiser

Presentation: Healthy Eating for Older Adults

Could nutrition be the key to healthy living?

Claudine Mertens

Presentation: GoldenMe

GoldenMe is a non-profit organisation that aims to prevent social isolation by providing training in using digital media to people 55 and over.

Presented by: Mara Kroth and Johannes Heuschkel

Book reading: "Amateur" by Jean Back

Presentation: "Grousseltere Café Online: D'Roll vun de Grousselteren"

What it means to be grandparents: a look at past and present. What is the role of grandparents? What are their expectations? What makes our relationship with our grandchildren so special?

Lecture: Jang de Blannen (John the Blind)

The life of John the Blind.

Presented by Renée Noesen
Luxembourg City Tourist Office



Book reading: "Sang rouge sur encre noire"

Kit Graas reads extracts from her book "Sang rouge sur encre noire". Mauritius is by all appearances an island paradise. But just under the surface lies a murky world of corruption.

Book reading with Kit Graas
Edition Phi

Presentation: SOS Détresse

Book reading: "La dame à la mise en plis mauve"

For her first book of short stories "La dame à la mise en plis mauve", Laurence Klopp received the special jury prize at the Prix du Livre 2014 for her book illustrations and graphics.

Presented by Laurence Klopp
Edition Kremart

Book reading: "De Bluttsëffer" (The Bloodsucker)

Jemp Schuster is a freelance writer, actor and director. "Bluttsëffer" is the first volume of his novel. This book takes a sweeping look at rural life in the northern part of the Grand Duchy during the 20th century. Based on real events, it chronicles the lives of its protagonists, who experience both social and economic hardship.

Presented Jemp Schuster
Imprimerie Centrale Luxembourg

Lecture: Diabetes

What is diabetes? What forms does this illness take? How can diabetes be prevented and treated? What roles do nutrition and exercise play?
05/05/2021 Q&A session: 10:00 to 12:00.
Tel.: 48 53 61

Lecture: Influence of religion on Luxembourg City's architectural heritage

Religious monuments, churches, synagogues, and public buildings such as the Chamber of Deputies and the Cercle. This lecture takes a look at how the catholic, protestant and the Jewish communities lived together in peace during the 19th century as part of a society shaped by the values of the French Revolution.

Book reading: "Max a Miz"

Alain Atten, known as Sproochmates, reads excerpts from his book "Max a Miz", a Luxembourgish translation of the well-known story by Wilhelm Busch.

Secret Places: Stad Letzebuerg

Lecture on the history of little-known buildings and places in the city centre.

Book reading: "La vie trépidante du confiné"

Laurent Moyse takes a humorous look at the day-to-day struggles of someone whose life has been turned upside down during the lockdown.

Presentation: Benevolat zu Lëtzebuerg (Volunteering in Luxembourg)

Information on volunteer work in Luxembourg.

31/03/2021 Q&A session from 10:00 to 12:00.
Tel.: 4796-2428

Book reading: "De Bicherbus"

Christiane Kremer is a journalist and cultural director at RTL. She writes theatre pieces, cabaret, news articles and children's books.

Kremart Edition

Presentation: "Lëtzebuerg, Alstad a Festung, 25 Joer Weltkulturierwen"

Luxembourg was added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites on 17 December 1994.
A lecture about the past, present and future of our capital.

Presented by Dr Robert L.Philippart
UNESCO Site Manager, Ministry of Culture

Book reading: "La Quête"

For this first novel, Antoine Pohu received the first prize in the young authors category of the 2019 national literary competition.
Writing is a journey. The search for something unknown. Maybe for what people so foolishly call the meaning of life.

Presented by Antoine Pohu

Op der Lay Edition

Lecture: Ermesinde

The life of Countess Ermesinde.

Presented by Renée Noesen.

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