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An Evening of Short Films and Conversation

Special Event with Radu Jude in attendance

Radu Jude’s Bad Luck Banging or Looney Porn, a co-production with Luxembourg, won the Berlinale Golden Bear in 2021. The Romanian director will return to the Grand Duchy in February for a special evening at the Cinémathèque. He’ll present several shorts and will talk about his cinephilia in a post-screening conversation inspired by the films and Tristan Tzara’s maxim, “I like an old work for its novelty.”

The shorts, most of them shown on vintage 16mm prints, involve some of cinema’s most famous names, including Méliès, Buñuel, Vigo, well-known twosome Stan and Ollie and the more unexpected pairing of documentarians Joris Ivens and Chris Marker.

Me 08 | 02 à 19h00


An Impossible Balancing Feat
(L'Équilibre impossible France 1902 | muet | 2' | De et avec : Georges Méliès | Avec : Georges Méliès)

Un Chien andalou
(France 1929 | vostang | 16' | De : Luis Buñuel
| Avec : Pierre Batcheff, Simone Mareuil, Luis Buñuel)

County Hospital
(USA 1933 | vostf | 19' | De : James Parrott | Avec : Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy

Zero for Conduct
(Zéro de conduite France 1933 | vostang | 44' | De : Jean Vigo | Avec : Gérard de Bédarieux, Louis Lefebvre)

(À Valparaiso Chile-France 1963 | vostang | 29' | nb+c | De : Joris Ivens | Narration écrite par Chris Marker)

To Grow Under a Wild Cherry Tree
(Sâ creşti sub un cireş amar Roumanie 2020 | vostang | 11' | c | De : Agata Olteanu | Avec : Gabriela Olteanu, Sânziana Olteanu)

Our pop-up bar will be open during the intermission (15’)

Agenda et plus d'informations sur la séance

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