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Your chance to win one of 16,411 €50 vouchers!

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The measures taken during the COVID-19 pandemic have had a major impact on shops, hotels, restaurants and cafés. Because vibrant business activity is crucial for our city, the College of Aldermen of the City of Luxembourg has taken a number of steps to support local businesses. One of these is the direct voucher purchase scheme. This scheme saw the municipal administration purchase 20 vouchers worth €50 each from all interested businesses.

Now it is time to distribute the vouchers. To give people of all ages, residents and non-residents alike, a chance to win one, the Service Communication et relations publiques (Communications and Public Relations Department) has organised a series of competitions offering the vouchers as prizes. A total of 16,411 vouchers, worth €50 each, are available to win:

  • "Businesses in the city" brochure
  • Postcards
  • Online form
  • Other City digital media

Now it's your turn to try and win!

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Luxembourg City Hall

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