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Politics, policy and administration

Our website is now available in English, French and German.

Multi-phase launch

To provide users with quick access to our content in three languages, the City has decided to launch its website in a number of stages. Most of the content of this website is now available in three languages, and the user experience will be gradually enhanced between now and the end of 2019, with the addition of English and German versions of PDF documents, content and features from external sources, forms, etc. However, legal documents will only be available in French, which remains the governing language.


From next Wednesday (12 June), our newsletter will also be available in three languages:

High-quality content adding real value

Our large-scale translation project – involving the translation of some 4,500 pages, totalling over a million words – has been a major undertaking. The project is part of the City's ongoing drive to continuously optimise its new website (, which was launched in July 2017. Throughout the entire process, the City has sought to ensure the content is transparent, relevant and accurate, that the site is easy to navigate and that terminology is consistent across all of its communications through various media. The ultimate goal is to provide users with high-quality content that adds real value for residents and visitors alike.


Given the multicultural make-up of the capital's population (over 160 different nationalities live side-by-side in Luxembourg City), publishing our content in three languages serves a genuine need in terms of information availability. It also represents a major step towards the better integration of all segments of society.

German version
French version

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