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Summer sales from 26 June to 25 July 2020

City Shopping Bus

During the summer sales from 26 June to 25 July 2020, stores will be open for Sunday shoppers in Ville-Haute and the Gare district on 28 June as well as on 5, 12 and 19 July 2020. To make it easier for people to get around on these dates, the City of Luxembourg reminds residents and visitors that public transport is free nationwide.

 Car parks and shuttle services

  • Glacis car park – City Shopping Bus

The City Shopping Bus, a free shuttle service operating between the Glacis car park and Rue Beaumont, follows an extended route on Sundays when shops are open. In addition to the "Beaumont" stop in the city centre, it serves the "Forum Royal", "Cathédrale", "Gruef" and "Kasinosgaass" stops. Departures are every 7–8 minutes between 13:30 and 18:30.

  • Schuman car park

The 400-space Schuman car park is free on Saturdays and Sundays. The "Fondation Pescatore" bus stop near the car park is regularly served by bus lines 1/125, 2, 8, 16, 18, 20 and 30, providing easy access to the city centre and the Gare district.

  • Stade car park

The Stade car park on Route d'Arlon is free on Saturdays and Sundays and is served by line 28. On Sundays, this service operates every 30 minutes between 06:07 and 23:37 in the direction of the city centre ("Monterey Quai 1" stop) and Luxembourg Central Station. Return trips depart every 30 minutes from Luxembourg Central Station ("Gare Centrale Quai 4") between 05:58 and 23:28, and from "Monterey Quai 2" between 06:06 and 23:36.

  • P+R Howald, Lux-Sud A + B

The Howald Lux-Sud A + B car park (free for the first 24 hours) is served by line 21. On Sundays, this service operates every 30 minutes between 05:15 and 23:45 in the direction of Luxembourg Central Station and the city centre ("F. D. Roosevelt Quai 2" and "Monterey Quai 2" stops). Return trips depart from "Monterey Quai 1" every 30 minutes between 05:28 and 23:58. This line also stops at "F. D. Roosevelt Quai 1" and Luxembourg Central Station ("Gare Centrale Quai 103").

Due to works taking place near P+R Lux-Sud (Centre douanier), please note the following changes to the city's bus services from Saturday, 11 July (20:00) to Monday, 13 July (4:00):

Line 21

From Saturday, 11 July (20:30) to Sunday, 12 July 2020 (midnight), buses will not call at P+R Lux-Sud (Centre douanier). Instead of calling at "Howald, Lux-Sud" and "Gerhard Mercator", buses will call at "Hildegard von Bingen" (Boulevard de Kockelscheuer).

Line 29

As of 20:30 on Saturday, 11 July, there will no service on the section between "Howald, Ronnebësch" and Cloche d'Or. This means that buses will not call at "Howald, Lux-Sud", "Gerhard Mercator", "Hildegard von Bingen", "Leonardo da Vinci", "Émile Bian", "Jean Piret", "Ruppert" or "Guillaume Kroll".

  • P+R Bouillon

To get to the city centre ("Monterey Quai 1"), take bus line 17, which leaves from "Bouillon Quai 1A" every 10 minutes as of 12:52. Return journeys leave every 10 minutes from the same stop between 13:00 and 18:30.

To get to Luxembourg Central Station, take the 1/125 or 27, which leave from "Bouillon Quai 1B" roughly every 15 minutes between 08:51 and 20:35. Return trips depart from Luxembourg Central Station ("Gare Centrale Quai 103") every 10 to 20 minutes between 08:41 and 20:11.

The Bouillon car park is free for the first 24 hours.

Participating shops and opening hours:

the department

Contact details

63 rue de Bouillon
L-1248 Luxembourg

Opening hours

Monday–Saturday (call centre)