Sports and leisure

To promote recreational sport, fitness and wellbeing, the City of Luxembourg's Service Sports (Sports Department) runs its "Sports pour tous" programme throughout the year. The programme offers sporting activities for young people, adults and seniors. Over 200 different activities are held from Monday to Sunday, at gyms, swimming pools and outdoors at more than 30 sites across the city. These are open to anyone wishing to exercise, whether for recreation, fitness or health and wellbeing. After the Easter school break, the selection of classes offered will be changed slightly for the spring and summer season, with new outdoor activities added to the already diverse range of classes.

Sporting activities for all ages and interests

The youth programme covers over thirty activities including individual sports (skateboarding, breakdancing, cycling, weightlifting, aikido, running, chess, etc.), team sports (beach volleyball, regular volleyball, indoor football, etc.), racket sports and sports requiring accuracy and precision (badminton, table tennis, archery, pool, etc.), and fitness activities (zumba, dance fitness, aerobics, gentle fitness, etc.), as well as courses offering a combination of various recreational sporting activities, known as "recreational multisports".

The adult courses focus mainly on maintaining fitness (aerobics, step, fitness fiesta, cross fitness, weightlifting, etc.), gymnastics (abs and back, restorative, preventive, midday workout, women-only, parent and child, stretching, etc.), jogging (for all levels) and aquatic activities (aqua gym, water jogging, hydrogym, aqua cycling, etc.).

The programme for seniors/55+ covers more than forty sporting activities which will suit the pace of persons aged 55 and over, such as gentle gym exercises (standing and seated), aqua gym, gentle weightlifting, Nordic walking, stretching, sports for seniors, badminton and dancing for seniors.

New outdoor activities

With sunnier days ahead, the Service Sports (Sports Department) has expanded its programme with a plethora of new outdoor activities, including:

  • beach volley-ball and football classes for young people aged 12 to 18;
  • introduction to golf at the Luxembourg Golf Center in Kockelscheuer, golf classes (introductory and advanced) at the Christnach Golf and Country Club, introduction to hockey, and walking tours lasting 4–5 hours at various spots all around the country for adults and seasoned senior
  • hikers;
  • qi gong and tai chi chuan for adults and seniors in the city's many municipal parks (Kinnekswiss, Merl, Bonnevoie and Kirchberg),
  • boules and pétanque, golf, easy hiking tours of one to two hours, as well as full-day walking, bike and kayak tours throughout the country and neighbouring areas for seniors.