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Rue de Strasbourg: New 30-km/hr zone and a pedestrian priority zone

inauguration rue de strasbourg zone 30

On Friday, 24 September 2021, Lydie Polfer, Luxembourg City Mayor, Serge Wilmes, Chief Alderman, and Patrick Goldschmidt, Alderman for mobility, opened the new 30-km/hr zone and the pedestrian priority zone on Rue de Strasbourg, in the heart of the Gare district.

As an interim measure, pending the completing of the underground infrastructure work and a project to redevelop Rue de Strasbourg, scheduled for 2022, traffic changes include

  • the inclusion of the section of Rue de Strasbourg between Place Merkels and Rue du Fort Wedell in the Gare district’s 30-km/hr zone,
  • the classification of the stretch between Rue du Fort Wedell and Avenue de la Liberté as a pedestrian priority zone (20 km/hr speed limit) while maintaining, pending the completion of the aforementioned project, the regulation prohibiting traffic,
  • a change in the direction of traffic flow on the lower part of Rue de Strasbourg, between Rue de la Fonderie and Place Merkels (access to Rue de Strasbourg from Hollerich church will now be via Rue de Hollerich and Rue de la Fonderie),

transforming Rue de Strasbourg into a local-access road as part of a sustainable mobility initiative for the whole of the Gare district.

Through this reorganisation of traffic flow, which will come into effect on 24 September 2021, the City of Luxembourg aims to calm traffic and reduce noise and pollution in the area. These new measures, coupled with those already introduced in Rue de Strasbourg, will help to significantly improve the quality of life of residents and visitors to the area.

30 km/hr zone

Over recent years, the City of Luxembourg has implemented 30-km/hr zones in all districts of the capital, thereby covering the entire municipality. This speed limit allows all road users to coexist more harmoniously, and makes the road safer for the most vulnerable users, such as pedestrians and cyclists. It will also halve drivers’ stopping distances compared to driving at 50 km/hr and improve their field of vision. A positive side effect of this is that it will reduce traffic, noise and pollution on those roads, thereby improving residents’ quality of life.

As the introduction of new 30-km/hr zones is an integral part of the City of Luxembourg’s general mobility concept, the City will continue to implement traffic calming measures, particularly on sections of state roads around schools and other areas with high pedestrian footfall.

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