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Road works on Rue de Hollerich from 13 to 15 December 2019

Chantier rue de Hollerich

The installation of utility lines and other infrastructure work will be carried out on Rue de Hollerich. These works be carried out from 20:00 on Friday, 13 December to 9:00 on Saturday, 14 December, and again from 20:00 on Saturday, 14 December to 12:00 (noon) on Sunday, 15 December 2019.

Traffic changes

  • Traffic on Rue de Hollerich will be one-way on the section from Rue Adolphe Fischer to Rue Jean-Baptiste Merkels, and traffic will flow in the direction of Rue Jean-Baptiste Merkels.

Changes to public transport services

  • In the direction of Luxembourg Central Station, bus lines 1/125, 4, 27, 70 and CN1 will be diverted as of Route d'Esch via Rue de la Déportation and Rue d'Alsace towards Place de la Gare.

  • The stops "Assurances Sociales Quai 2", "Jean-Pierre Merkels" and "Fonderie" will be closed in the direction of Luxembourg Central Station.

    Replacement stops:

  • "Assurances Sociales Quai 3" (154, Route d’Esch) for bus lines 1/125, 27 and CN1;
  • "Hollerich-Gare" (Rue de la Déportation) for bus lines 4 and 70.
  • The RGTR lines 170, 177 and 315 will leave from "Luxembourg-Gare Quai 104" (between Rue d'Épernay and Rue du Commerce) instead of their usual stop ("Fonderie").

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