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Image de pris par un drone donnant vue sur le Pont Adolphe enveloppé dans de la verdure lors du mois de juin.

QuattroPole presents its "Rencontres Citoyennes" (shared experiences), which will take place throughout the year in each of its four cities!

Citizens from each city will be able to travel – using a shuttle service – to events held in each of the network's cities to discover a local tradition or fun event. These activities and transport services are organised free of charge.

Discover a local tradition

Four events are on offer for all those keen to explore:





13 July 2024 11:30–19:00 Saarbrücken "Altstadtfest"
25 August 2024 10:00–20:30 Metz "Fête de la Mirabelle" with a QuattroPole Session concert in the evening
2 September 2024 10:00–17:30 Luxembourg "Schueberfouer" and "Braderie"
11 November 2024 evening Trier Discover the catacombs during the "Trierer Unterwelten" festival


To reserve your seat on the bus, simply send an e-mail to the QuattroPole General Secretariat, stating your surname, first name, date of birth and telephone number. You can also sign up by calling us on the number below.

QuattroPole – a cross-border network of cities

Straddling the borders of Germany, Luxembourg and France, QuattroPole is a cross-border region that is historically, economically and culturally extremely diverse, and where multilingualism is an accepted part of daily life. The cities of Luxembourg, Metz, Saarbrücken and Trier work closely together to heighten their visibility on the European stage and pool their know-how through innovative projects. This policy of cooperation, along with the implementation of joint projects, is geared towards creating synergies between the cities and bolstering the region's economic attractiveness.