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Pop-up stores on Rue Philippe II

Boutique éphémère au numéro 38 de la rue Philippe II en Ville_vue d'intérieur
Urban development and housing

As part of its efforts to promote business in the city, support entrepreneurship and contribute to the creation of a diversified commercial offering, the City of Luxembourg is launching a pop-up store project on Rue Philippe II, located in the heart of the city centre and one of the busiest pedestrian areas of the capital. 

The City is offering two modular commercial and exhibition spaces of around 45 m2 for rent and invites young entrepreneurs, startups, creators, artists and salespeople to submit their applications to set up a pop-up store on these premises. The following may be sold at these pop-up stores: clothes, fashion accessories and jewellery, household items and appliances, services and leisure activities, health and beauty, artwork, fashion items and photography, as well as pre-packaged dry food items.

A message of Serge Wilmes, chief alderman