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Opening of the first 30 km/hour zone on a section of a national road in Luxembourg City

le Collège des bourgmestre et échevins de la Ville ont inauguré la zone 30 à la rue de Cessange

On Tuesday, 11 May 2021, further to the completion of works to enhance safety in front of the Cessange primary school, the college of the mayor and aldermen officially opened the first 30 km/hour zone on a section of a national road in Luxembourg City.

Established temporarily in 2017, the 30 km/hour speed limit, on a 100-metre section of Rue de Cessange, has now been supplemented with appropriate measures designed to calm traffic and enhance safety for pedestrians, especially schoolchildren. The measures were implemented by City of Luxembourg staff in compliance with criteria established by the Ministry of Mobility and Public Works (Ministère de la Mobilité et des Travaux publics) for roads in the national road network.

Accordingly, in addition to appropriate markings and signage, a coloured road surfacing has now been laid, contrasting with the grey surface of the rest of the road and highlighting the 30 km/hour zone as a section of road where drivers must adjust their speeds. Additionally, this traffic-calming measure comes as a complement to already existing measures, including two pedestrian crossings with pedestrian traffic lights and two traffic islands to further enhance pedestrian safety.

The vehicular traffic calming measures, especially in the vicinity of schools, are an integral part of the City of Luxembourg's pedestrian concept, and plans are already under way to implement other 30 km/hour zones on sections of national roads in the years to come, in particular in Cents, Clausen, Hamm and Merl.

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