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"ons stad" - The 1920 municipality merger

Ons Stad 123
Art and culture

The latest issue of the magazine "ons stad" was published in May 2021. Printed editions will be distributed to all households in the capital. The online version of the magazine will also be available on

Most of the articles in issue number 123 of "ons stad" cover the topic of the wide-ranging municipal merger of 1920. The issue will take readers on a journey back in time, beginning with the history of the provostship of Luxembourg (13th to 18th centuries), and then taking a closer look at how the growing aspirations to unify the townships of Hollerich/Bonneweg, Eich, Rollingergrund and Hamm ultimately led to the creation of the modern capital that Luxembourg City is today. Other topics covered in the May issue include the development of the city's many districts and the major urban planning projects that ensued, as well as the important role that trade and the steel industry have played in the development of the capital.

The issue also features historic photographs from the Photothèque and the Luxembourg City archives, recalling the city's chequered past.

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